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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Often conditions and problems unique to women are considered “taboo” and things we do not talk about.  Who talks about trouble leaking or trouble peeing and pooping?   Should we be saying “pee” and “poop”?  Should I just do Kegel exercise… doesn’t doing Kegel’s help everything?

It is easy to feel like you are the only one experiencing these problems.   OR… often we think these are “NORMAL”  problems associated with having a baby, with normal aging, or with peri and post menopause.

Often we feel our problems are minimized by health professionals.

We are here at Next Level Therapy to tell you that your problems are real and you deserve to be heard.  You are not alone.   We are here to help.

Oh, and by the way, doing Kegel exercises does not help everything….

And sometimes Kegel exercises (if done at the wrong time or incorrectly) can cause more harm then good.

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Diastasis Recti

Separation of the abdominal muscles.


Painful Sex




Pre & Postnatal

Pelvic-perineal dysfunctions are the most common diseases in women after pregnancy. Pelvic floor muscles work harder than normal during pregnancy.



Mommy & Baby Fitness

Prenatal Education

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