Congratulations!  If you are a first time mom-to-be or mom-to-be for the 4th time, you might have questions. You might be wondering how to maximize your chances for a natural child birth.  You might be wondering what to do to prepare your pelvic floor for labor and delivery.  You might be interested in learning some self care to prepare you for a positive postnatal recovery.  Or maybe you are having back pain, pubic symphysis pain, or pain in your buttocks?  Good for you for being proactive.  As moms we don’t always leave time to take care of ourselves.   You are practicing the first essential steps in self care by wanting to learn how to prepare your body for baby’s growth and childbirth.

Schedule a consult with our Pelvic Health Specialist.  You will learn the importance of optimal core function and techniques to carry you through baby’s arrival and after. You will leave with information tailored to your specifics needs and you will have access to our therapist throughout your pregnancy as your body and needs change.


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