Do you find yourself changing your daily routines or limiting your activities because of fear of leaking?  Are you experiencing leaking and looking for help?   Look no further!  Let us at Next Level Therapy help you.  We will work with you to restore your inner core and pelvic muscles to work together.   In doing this, we will improve your bladder and ability to have controlled bowel movements.

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions below, this is due to an incoordination of your pelvic floor muscles. You will benefit from a pelvic floor therapy consult with our specialist at Next Level Therapy.

  • Do you find that it is difficult to hold your urine or stool? Or do you have trouble making it to the toilet on time?
  • Do you leak with coughing, sneezing, or exercising?
  • Do you go to the bathroom frequently just so you stay dry?
  • Do you have any bowel or gas control problems?

How Can Pelvic Floor Therapy Help Incontinence?

Our pelvic floor is comprised of 14 muscles forming 3 layers within our pelvic bones.  Just as all muscles in our body require flexibility, strength, and muscle endurance, so do these pelvic muscles.

Muscles imbalances can cause pain, weakness, incoordination, and/or inflexibility.  These imbalances lead to pelvic floor dysfunction such as urinary/bowel incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and a many other pelvic diagnoses.

Pelvic floor therapy will address muscle dysfunction, educate you in the tools needed to regain your inner muscular balance and strength, and empower you to return to a full and complete quality of living.

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