Fit Ready Training

Are you ready to return to your high-level fitness class post-surgery or injury?

Are you nervous to return to heavy lifting?

Are you recently recovered from a surgical procedure or health crisis and looking for guidance for the safe return to activity and exercise?

Fit Ready Training is your answer!

Next Level Therapy offers one on one or small group training sessions with our skilled physical therapist and movement specialist.

Our specialized therapist is trained in returning you to high level fitness.  You will be instructed following all the principles of movement therapy for the proper application to your chosen sport or activity.   The goals are to educate you in modification options, if necessary, as well as the proper progression of activity for a safe, injury free return to activity/sport.

For more information, contact us and book a discovery call.  

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We understand this is a difficult time.  Our services are offered via Telehealth, in your home, or in our clinic.
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