Dyspareunia (Painful Sex)

Painful Sex.   How often have you said that out loud?   Has someone ever told you they have pain with intimacy?  More people than you are aware deal with this regularly.   We are often afraid to discuss this topic, let alone reach out for help.   If you are reading this, your interest is peaked.  You might be wondering if there really is help for you?  Can sex be enjoyed? Can sex be pain free?

The answer is Yes!  Take the time for yourself and come meet with us at Next Level Therapy.  You will find a safe and comfortable environment to have this discussion and learn how education can elevate your mind and body.

There can be numerous causes that lead to Dyspareunia.  The causes can be biomechanically based, psychosocially based, or a combination of both.  At Next Level Therapy, we will complete a full evaluation of your entire self to help in determining the cause and the correct treatment approach.

There are numerous options and methods for treatment.  We will work as a team, patient and provider, to determine your best method to assist in your return to pleasurable pain free intimacy.

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