In Clinic • Your Home • Telehealth

Evaluation Visits (75-90 minutes)

In depth interview and complete assessment of your entire being. We will also perform comprehensive musculoskeletal assessments to identify appropriate treatment approaches.

Treatment Visits (60 minute one-on-one)

  • Manual Techniques: myofascial release, trigger point release, soft tissue mobilization, scar management
  • Range of Motion: mobility and targeted stretches
  • Strengthening and Neurological Reeducation
  • Functional Movement Strategies
  • Home Program Development
  • Purposeful Breathing Strategies
  • Compensatory Strategies
  • Client Education and Awareness
  • Dietary, Hormonal, and Lifestyle considerations
  • Kinesiotaping and Dry Needling

Telehealth Visits

We understand these are difficult and scary times.  Telehealth visits are a virtual offering of the initial evaluation and treatment sessions.

In-Home Visits

Visits offered in your home.  Call for more info.

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